Kom geniet Innibos weer die jaar by La Villa Vita!

Paket sluit in:

-Twee (2) nagte akkommodasie

-Twee klein komplimentêre bottels vonkelwyn of druiwesap in u
kamer elke aand

-Gratis vervoer in Nelspruit *

-Kontinentale plus warm ontbyt vir twee elke oggend

-Komplimentere koek, tee en koffie

-Komplimentere laat kamer ontruiming Sondag (11h30)

Totale 2020 koste van die paket is R6 800 vir die Spa Kamers en Jr Luukse Kamers, R8 600 vir die Luukse Kamer, R9 460 vir die Premier Kamers en R11,540 vir die Presidensiele Kamers.

- Rates are subject to change without notice.
- Damage to facilities for guests or guest's company account.
- All cancellations must be in writing to confirm date of cancellation.
- Less than 3 working days prior to arrival: Cancellation fee of 100% of total amount.
- Holiday/Event periods: less than 7 days prior to arrival: Cancellation fee of 100% of total amount.
- Refunding of deposits: Handling fee of 10% of total booking amount.
- Please note that La Villa Vita is a no smoking facility. All rooms are STRICTLY NO SMOKING. Should the no smoking policy of our establishment be ignored, cleaning fees will be levied without consultation. For your convenience ashtrays are available on patios.
- Children over the age of 6 are welcome
- La Villa Vita Nelspruit has stairs
- La Villa Vita reserves the right to from time to time and without notice have conferences, weddings and/or functions at any area(s) of the establishment
*  One Quantum Bus for all  21 rooms.  Driver might only be able to wait a maximum 5 minutes for pasengers to arrive.  Available only untill 12pm every evening.  Traveling strictly inside Nelspruit only.  Allow 30 minutes from notice until pickups.  Please give us your show times and venues by email to enable us to provide you of the best possible service!
Innibos Paket
Centrally located in Nelspruit!
* Centrally located in Nelspruit!
Book now at:    Tel: 013 752 5370 or +27 (72) 530-6499 (6:30 to 22:00)    or    Email: admin@villavitanelspruit.com
Vervoer tussen venues in Nelspruit is vir
die naweek ingesluit! *
Book Telephonically:

013 752 5370    (7am-10pm)

072 530 6499    (alternative)